March 19, 2018

Time is(n’t) on my side

TIME is a commodity that you can’t get back.

In a world of increased ad-blocking and the desire of instant gratification, users want marketing to be quick and helpful.

Our “Digital Flyer Delivery” beacons allow small business owners to target nearby users in real-time with accurate and personalized content. Innovedia Solutions will deliver everything you need to get in front of 60+% of potential customers up to 3 football fields from your front door!

Let Innovedia Solutions do all your advertising giving you back more time to do what you do best.

T-   Timely ad delivery that reaches customers/prospects at the best moment with personalized and useful content.

 I-    Influence customers to make purchases at the perfect time (within the proximity of your business location).

M-  Most inexpensive way to promote specials, coupons, important messages, events, etc.

E-   Excellent way to promote 24/7/365…even while you are sleeping or vacationing


As business owners we all need to manage our time as wisely as possible. Why not effectively automate as much as possible? The reality is, there are many major players in the retail world, including Fortune 500 companies, who have adopted beacon technology for their advertising needs.

Unfortunately, it is the small businesses that have been left out of the beacon technology because of the lack of mobile device adaptation and the expense.

Americans spend nearly 5 hours a day on their mobile devices alone and 50+% of customers are influenced to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of their decision.  Ask yourself this… if 50+% of potential customers are wanting offers from you, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of those high odds?

It is not IF beacon technology will be a “normal”, it is WHEN.

For more time saving opportunities, check out our iPon Ninja Proximity Advertising Beacon product line here