Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of offline business sites do you create?

A: We develop any site for any kind of business. Most anyone today can design websites but it takes an experienced marketing agency to understand the proper marketing features that are required to get the search engines to notice you. Pretty websites are just that ~ pretty. Sites built with marketin in mind will always perform better.

Q: When you develop a site, do I have to pay extra for the on-site search engine features?

A: No. We integrate all of the important features on your pages to best ensure the search engines notice you. We do thorough keyword research to find search keywords and phrases that your customers use to find you. We also integrate schema markup, analytics, interactive maps and contact forms.

By the way... all of the sites we create are completely mobile compliant as well.

Q: I currently have a rewards app. Is there a way we could direct my potential customers to my website and encourage them to install my app?

A: Absolutely. We can direct your customers and prospects anywhere online that will help you gain customers.

Q: Are your services expensive like the others?

A: Not at all. We have been working with small and local businesses for over 17 years and enjoy it. We know that many companies can't afford the "other guys" so we try our hardest to keep our prices such that anyone can afford them. Our basic web design starts at only $995 for five pages: Home, a Products/Services page, About Us, Contact page with a contact form (and map, if requested), and a blog area (Tips and tricks, Industry news, ProductServices updates, etc.).

Q: What is a Progressive App (PWA) and how does it help me?

A: Basically, a PWA is a new kind of app that people download right from your website. They no longer have to go to the Play store or iTunes to get it. They just click a button on the banner below the site when it comes up and it sets your icon on their home screen. Now, they can get to your site online or offline for buying, contacting you or just for more general information.

Q: Is a PWA expensive?

A: Not at all. The old style web apps cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 to build. Then, you will have to pay Google and Apple to have them on their Play Store and iTunes, respectively, each year ($100-200 per year). Since this is hosted on our servers, we can design yours for as low as $395 including 6-months service. Then, it's only $2 per month for ongoing maintenance. Your PWA can be up and running in as little as a week.

Q: Is social media marketing really necessary?

A: If you want to get in front of your prospects and customers, you need to be where they're at - and that's social media. Building a quality presence, such as a Facebook Business page, Twitter account, etc. is as essential as advertising anywhere else ~ sometimes more essential. We'll even teach you what to do on your pages to gain interest and followers quick (or we'll do it for you).

Q: I don't like social media so why should I be on it?

A: It really doesn't matter what YOU do or don't like. It's all about your customers and prospects. They are on social media so it's important that you are too. Think of it this way... if you didn't like a particular hotel yet you were asked to speak in front of a lot of people looking for your products/services, would you turn down the invitation?

Q: What is Google Maps and how does it benefit me?

A: Anytime you go to Google and search for a local service, you will see three businesses that appear at the top of the results page (see an example here). Those are "Maps Pages", which were once called "Google Places". Depending on your competition in your area and how well your Maps page is optimized, you could possibly displace one of those three, which means you would appear right at the top of the listings on Google's first page of the results. How cool is that?

Q: How much does it cost to claim or create my Maps page?

A: To claim or create your maps page, we charge $295 (one-time fee). That being said, it is also important that you are listed on "citation" sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Yellow Pages and more. If your citation sites are developed correctly, it can be a big help getting found online. Creating your listing on 10 citation sites per month is only $500 per month (stop whenever you want).

Q: Videos? What do I need a video when I have a website?

A: Just like television, videos are quick ways to get your word out using something that people already are accustomed to. You've already heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that's the case, a video is worth a million. Our video services INCLUDE getting your video on YouTube (the second largest search engine). Our service usually can get your video on the first page of YouTube within a day for an important keyword - or keywords - for your business. And, it's all included in your video development fee.

Q: I have another business owner that saw what you did for me and wants something of their own.  What can I do for them?

A: Contact your salesperson or Innovedia Solutions corporate office at 386-227-6850 and we will be happy to help. Depending on what they purchase, you could actually get a finder's fee for directing them to us (see below).

Q: Do you offer a referral bonus?

A: Absolutely. If you know another business that is looking for services we sell and they sign with us, we will give you a handsome reward for turning them on to us. We live off of referrals.

Q: Why use Innovedia instead of some other service?

A: Innovedia has been in the online marketing industry for 17+ years. We keep abreast of the tactics that online marketers use to create money and bring these "tactics" to the offline business community. If it works for online marketers, it works for you.

Don't hesitate... each day you put things off you are giving your customers to your competition. Contact us today.