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Google Maps for Businesses

Local companies cannot exist without Google Maps if you want to be found online. It’s the easiest way to attract customers when done properly.

Google Business Pages

When someone searches Google for a local product or service, they are presented three companies that provide the products or services in a box called either “Google Local” or “Google Maps” results.

These companies have either claimed their Google Business page or have created one. Either way, they have also spent time optimizing their page to best reflect what they offer.

Most companies do not even know these exist let alone know how to best optimize their pages so they have the best opportunity to be seen.

How Can I Get My Business on Google?

Innovedia’s marketing team can claim or generate your Google Business listing and customize it so that your customers and prospects can learn everything about you and Google will love you for it.

Your listing will show:

  • Your business name
  • Information about what you do
  • A visual map where you are located
  • Your business hours
  • A link to your website
  • Directions to get to you
  • A place where customers can easily give or see reviews
  • A picture of your building (if you have one) or other images you think are important.

And, the best part is that you can easily afford the service. It’s only $295 (a one-time fee) for the basic Google listing service. 

However, you can improve your chances of getting first page listings by adding our “Citation” listing service to your order.  

Citation Listings

Citation sites are sites on the internet that are sometimes called “Directories” or “Review Sites”. These sites are visited by a lot of people who are looking for products and/or services that contain similar information as Your Google Maps page.

Citation sites are sites like ““, ““, and “” to name a few.

When you generate one of these pages and optimize it to conform to your website’s information, Google will look at them and give you “credit” for having them. The listings will help boost your Google Maps listing so you have a better chance of being seen on the first page of Google for your service’s keyword(s).

The more citation sites you subscribe to, the better your chance of getting on that coveted first page of Google’s results.

It also provides a place where your customers can leave reviews of the outstanding services you provide. Reviews also play a big part in results placement.

Our fee for adding your site to these important sites is only $495 for five citation sites (again, a one-time fee). You can purchase as many bundles as you want and we will keep adding sites for you; however, we suggest you spread these out over a period of time (i.e. monthly) because Google likes that better. 

Don’t let your competition steal your customers. Get your site on Maps and a few citation sites today. It will most likely pay for itself quickly.

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