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Beacon Proximity Marketing

Send one-way notifications (deals & coupons) to people within walking distance of your business all day, every day. You market to prospects online and through offline methods so why not market to them when they are right in front of you?

Proximity beacon marketing

How Does Beacon Marketing Work?

Your beacon transmits your ad or deal to Android and Apple mobile devices when your prospect enters your broadcast area.
The non-intrusive message automatically disappears from the mobile once they leave the area.

This miniature, waterproof marvel will transmit your marketing messages repeatedly two to three times per second to best ensure you reach the maximum number of mobile devices possible. Our round mini-beacon is only one and three quarter inch in diameter and contains a lithium battery that typically requires to be changed once every year and a half to two years (depending on transmission distance and marketing intervals). 


We control the device via the internet, which means we can change your message whenever you want (additional fees may apply).


Android devices newer than Version 4.3 and Apple devices, version 4.0 and later, can detect the beacons without requiring the installation of a custom app as long as they have Google Chrome or any other of 650+ common apps on their mobile device. The general app is not required to be on in the foreground; only in passive mode in order for the end user to receive your messages.  

Available Ad Types:

We offer four different types of advertising messages to present to your customers/prospects...

    • Classic templated ads ~ Standard, templated, square advertisements created from one of our designer templates. These templates are tried and true designs that are sure to grab the attention of your customer.

    • Customized, classic, static ads ~ Want something different than the rest? Our standard style square advertisements are created by either you or us and are not developed via a template. Your non-animated ad is unique to you.

    • Animated ads ~ GIF animation ads. May include animated characters and/or text that loop. Animated gifs may be created with image backgrounds, moving text and/or clip-art images (or a combination of all). Coming Soon

  • Video ads ~ Our video ads can be up to one minute in length and may be product ads, spokesperson ads or slideshow style ads. Coming Soon

Note: We can create any style of ad you prefer or you can provide your own. And, ads may be changed as often as you like although a small fee may apply for ad development/design and/or online changes. Please keep in mind that any advertisement that you might create has to be mobile compliant.

Are you ready to get more customers into your front door?

Be the first in your area to get started with this exciting new, ground breaking and fast-growing marketing tool.


It's one of the least expensive advertising mediums that you can buy. Enhance your business today by getting your deal or coupon in front of people actually walking past or close to your front door right this second.


Your customers are more apt to visit you if they are in the proximity so take advantage of it with beacon advertising.


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