Did you know that Realtors® can use iPon Ninja Beacons to help sell their homes faster and easier?


It's so simple. Just affix your weatherproof iPon beacon to your for sale sign or to the home itself using the industry-strength, double-sided tape provided with your beacon. The beacon has already been configured by Innovedia Solutions to display information about the home you are selling and your contact information.

No matter whether you are around the property or not, the beacon will transmit your home's virtual tour slideshow to anyone with a mobile device within 100 to 300 yards of the home, 24/7/365, until you sell the property.

Along with the property's custom virtual ad, you can also let your prospects know about your other listings within the area. By placing iPon Beacons physically on each of those homes, they, too, will broadcast virtual tours for your customers to see.

When your prospects are ready to see one or more of your homes, your push to call phone number will connect them to you immediately. Or, they can drop you an email. Either one right from your virtual ad page.

How convenient is that? It's like you are on site all day and all night.

Now, you can always be one step ahead of the other Realtors® in your area.

We make it so easy that you can also send a prospect who is far away the link to your ad page(s) and they would see the same virtual tour ad as if they were standing right in the home's front yard. And, when the home sells, your beacon doesn't even need to be reprogrammed. All the changes are done by us remotely to get it ready for your next listing. You just sell your homes and let us do all the heavy lifting.

To get started selling your homes the easier way using iPon Ninja beacons, contact us. We will be glad to provide you with more information, pricing specific to your needs and get you going within days. No hard sales here. 

No Internet Required

No Wifi Required

No Cellular Data Required

No Custom App Required