Ipon Portables

Our iPon portable beacons are perfect for the person on the go. Innovedia has two portables that we feel will fit every occasion: Our "UFO Mini" and our "Event Lanyard" styles.

No matter whether you are a Realtor, someone who participates in events and festivals, flea markets or just want to let everyone know about your company anywhere you go day or night, one of these beacons is an idea way to promote what you want; when you want.  

The UFO Mini

Just by taking a quick look at it you'll know why we call it the "UFO". This saucer-shaped beacon is so small you'll forget that you're even carrying it. Attach it to your keyring or put it into a pocket in your wallet or purse and let it do its job.

With a transmission range of up to 109 yards you're bound to get your message to a huge number of people each and every day.

Turn it off when you get home to save battery life or just leave it running all of the time. With an average battery life of up to two years when running 24 hours a day, it's up to you (by turning the UFO off you can extend the battery life to three years or more) .  The battery is a small, replaceable CR2025 coin battery.

We typically suggest to transmit your message every second to a second and a half, which is plenty of advertising to get noticed by everyone within a football field of you.

And, with the stylish design, you can set it down anywhere and it'll never be noticed as anything but a nice looking ornament for your keychain. 

Talk about "Ninja" advertising... here it is!



(click to see larger image)

Event Lanyard Beacon

Our event lanyard iPon beacon is great for any kind of gathering, whether a convention, festival, flea marketing or anything else where you want to stand out from the other vendors.

Although small in size, the performance is amazing.

  • Set ad intervals from 1/2 second to multiple seconds
  • Transmits up to a football field (109 Yards)
  • Full page ad customized just for you
  • Displays not only your ad but the event name and your booth number (get customers to you fast)
  • On/off allows you to turn it off when you're not using it which increases battery life
  • Typical battery life is up to two full years at factory settings
  • Low battery indicator
  • Coin battery is easily replaceable

This is the "unfair advantage" that you've been looking for. Many people are glued to their mobiles while walking around the event so why not put your message and directions to your booth in front of your customers and prospects while they are close to you? 

Contact us for more details and/or to get started.