iPush Ninja

Share Your Deals with Customers Who Asked
for Mobile Notifications from You!

Push Notifications

Send one-way notifications (deals & coupons) to people who request to be part of your notification subscribers. The difference between email marketing and push? You never know when they will open emails. They see your push on their mobile devices immediately.

How Does iPush Work?

People visit your website (maybe through iPon Ninja?). They see a notification requesting them to join your “VIP” club. They agree then you can push ads to their mobiles or desktops when you have something to say. Push text, images and/or links to your offers and watch them respond.

You'll find that our iPush Push Notification system is the easiest and fastest way to get your message to your base of customers available on the market today. You have complete control of when and what you send with no limits on the number of subscribers or notifications that you send.


It's not like email marketing where you are penalized when you add more subscribers to your lists. We feel that way is a deterrent to the growth of your business. We want you to add as many subscribers as possible so your business grows and we help you get there.


It's a simple system to use. Install a snippet of code on your website (or we can help) then your visitors request to join because they do not have to give you ANY personal information (not even name and email address). Once on your list, go to your iPush Ninja dashboard and create your message. Click 'Send" and INSTANTLY your message appears on the top of their desktop or mobile phone - even on their lock screen! How would anyone miss that? 

Why should you use iPush Ninja and what are the benefits?

  • Your customers do not have to install a mobile app to receive mobile notifications: 
    Notifications work on Android mobiles because apps native to the instrument already contain the necessary core ingredients that allow iPush notifications to work. Apple mobiles that have the Chrome browser installed also will receive notifications.
  • Wider reach across browsers:
    Safari, Chrome and Firefox when combined have a market share of about 61-77%. With these browsers providing support for web/mobile push notifications, the reach is enormous.
  • Access to users who are not on your website:
    Once subscribed to your iPush campaign, you can message your subscribers directly to their mobile devices at any time. They do not have to revisit your website to receive your message(s).
  • Ability to re-engage users without requiring their contact details:
    Web push notifications don’t use a user’s email or other contact details so your customers and prospects can feel more safe when subscribing.
  • Compared to email marketing, opt-ins are much higher:
    Since users don’t need to give their email address or any other personal details, the opt-in rates for push notifications are much higher than email advertising.
  • Lower unsubscribe / opt-out rates:
    Studies have shown that less than 10% of the subscribers who opted for notifications from a sit, unsubscribed within a year.
  • Prompt and assured content delivery:
    The moment you click on “send notification now”, it will be delivered to the user’s mobile or desktop immediately. Unlike emails that sometimes fail to deliver, go to spam folder or are not seen for hours or days, these notifications are delivered to your subscriber in a way that they will see them immediately.
  • Higher conversion rates:
    Studies have shown that web push notifications have 30 times higher conversion when compared with mail.

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