What Are Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs are apps that the search engines absolutely love because they do not stand alone. They “integrate” with your website which allows Google and the rest to use the content for mobile search.

Step 1

Customer visits your website using a mobile browser and sees a message asking whether they want to place the site icon on their home screen. 

Step 2

Icon is placed on the home screen for online or offline viewing of the website via the app 

Step 3

When the website is updated (i.e. new products added to the cart) each installed web app is updated instantly. Shopping cart checkout and payments are processed through the app as well 

Step 4

Web app is also great to use for appointments, scheduling and booking features as well (Hair salons, doctors, service companies, etc.)

Case Study

Take a look at this recent case study. The app was installed March 8 on an e-commerce website. The same thing can happen to your business.


Prior to the app installation the site typically received approximately 250 visitors per day. Immediately after the installation, the daily visitor began to increase. Today, the site is getting an average of 362 visits per day and it’s been less than two months. That’s a 59.9% increase in site visits!


From March 16 through April 16, the site’s owner had more sales than any thirty day period prior to the app’s installation – so far, an increase of 100%. What would this increase do for your business?

What does the site owner have to do different?

The short answer is absolutely nothing. They maintain their site and shopping cart just as before. Nothing else has been done to the site or the marketing of the site other than having the app installed.

How to get started...

Simply contact us via our contact form and set up a time for us to talk. We will look at your site and find out about how you can use a Progressive Web App to boost visits and revenue for your site.

Prices start at only $350
(Not thousands like a standard app)

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