Commission-Only Salespeople Needed


Innovedia is now looking for two professional salespeople in the Flagler County area. This is an independent contractor, commission-only position right now (read on to learn more).

The sales areas may include Flagler, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and parts of Jacksonville (your choice). The hours are flexible but the more time you put into it, the more you can potentially make.

These individuals will be selling our new advertising programs iPon Ninja and iPush Ninja to stores and shops in the areas listed above. Training will be provided along with materials you will need to be successful.

Applicants should have previous “cold call” sales experience. You must also own an Android smartphone or tablet running Android V4.3 or above or an iPhone or tablet running iOS 7.0 or above with Google Chrome installed in order to demonstrate the products. BLE 4.0 Bluetooth has to be on any mobile device you would use as well.

You will be expected to walk into a business, competently explain the product and its benefits then close the sale. Your job will also entail collecting the data required for the installation of the product(s) and obtaining the down payment.

Although this is a commission-only, subcontracted position, the commissions are substantial at approximately 50% of the down payment. Minimum commission is approximately $150 for a single iPon Ninja sale/install and up to $250 for both iPon and iPush Ninja packages.

This is a brand new technology for the area and will be of great interest to (y)our prospects. We are beginning the sales in a “pilot” stage, which should even make the job easier because we are enhancing the offering by giving away valuable products and upgraded features during this period without additional fees.

Please look at this website to familiarize yourself with the two iPon Ninja and iPush Ninja products and make sure you can understand the basics of the offerings enough to catch on with the training. We are not going to be able to train someone about the inner workings of mobile devices so you should be an educated mobile user at the least.

If you can answer these questions, you most likely know enough:

  1. Do you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a mobile device daily?
  2. Do you understand what notifications are in general?
  3. Do you know where your notification screen is on your mobile and how to check for new notifications?
  4. Do you know what an app is?
  5. Can you download, install and deinstall an app on your mobile?
  6. Do you ever use Google Maps or similar on your mobile?

Who we are:

Innovedia has been in business for close to 16 years, offering web design (we built this site), search engine marketing, social marketing and other marketing packages to small to medium sized businesses across the United States. The Ninja packages are a natural “fit” to what we offer that can help these companies get more customers into their front doors effectively and inexpensively.

If you are interested in talking more about these positions, please send a resume to Be sure your full name, email and phone number are easily noticeable. It is also important to tell us in the email when the best time to call you would be.