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We create all kinds of videos from graphics explainer videos to spokesperson videos to full storyboard HD videos.

Innovedia's Video Creation Service

The above video is actually a video inside a video. We created it to showcase some of our video expertise. The above video would cost approximately $495 for 45 to 60 seconds. That’s video, text, voiceover, background music, or any combination of the above. 

See more samples below:

Example 1 ~ Electrician

Example 2 ~ Beauty Salon

Example 3 ~ Handyman

Example 4 ~ Mortgage Broker

Example 5 ~ Pool Builder

Example 6 ~ Wedding Planner

AnimatedExplainer Video Examples

Example 1 ~ Maid Service

Example 2 ~ Real Estate

Products ~ Services ~ Demos ~ Or a Combination of Any

Keeping in mind that these are strictly examples of different types of videos we can create, the possibilities are endless.

In many cases, animated videos keep people's attention more than live videos because they are interested in seeing what's next. However,  there are industries that live action or spokesman videos are more essential to convey a professional image ~ such as Attorneys or companies that cater to the death industry.

No matter what the industry is, we can create the perfect video for you at a fraction of the price you think it will cost.

What to Expect

First, we work with you to find out the message you want to portray, then create a script for you to approve. At that point, we will begin the creation. Your video will be typically be delivered within two weeks from the time the script is approved.

All videos are also placed on YouYube and optimized so that you have the best possibility of getting found.

Contact us today to learn more about customizing a video for you, no matter what your business is. We're ready to start today.