Why Use Proximity Ads and/or Push Notifications?

Compare Us to “Them”

Innovedia Solutions iPon System
$97/mo. w/ full services
Not a MLM or Affiliate program ~ a real B2B solution
Broadcast to Android & iPhone
Up to 328 yard transmit range
Broadcast up to 3 URLs at once
Replaceable batteries in every model
Variable programming functions to fit your needs
We install the beacon(s) and test
We develop your ads (included in price)
Optional integration with iPush (they don't have to visit your site to subscribe)
Their "system"
$50/mo. w/ no services
Affiliate program looking for distributors
Android only
Up to 76.5 yard transmit range
Only broadcasts 1 URL
Most are not waterproof
Cannot normally replace batteries in waterproof beacons
You use common configurations no matter what your needs are
You install the beacon and guess if it's correct
You create ads & hope you know ad structure & concepts
You have to properly add push notifications to your site then get customers there

How Our System Works

When you purchase any of our iPon Ninja beacon systems you have the choice of the proximity advertising by itself or to combine it with our iPush Ninja Push Notifications system.

  • Our iPon Ninja system alone provides you the ability to advertise to customers and prospects using our 100 meter (up to approximately 109 yards) stationary beacon, our 300 meter (up to approximately 328 yards) stationary beacon or our portable key chain and lanyard beacons, which broadcast up to 100 meters (109 yards) as well.
    • iPon Ninja, by itself, broadcasts a notification from your building, car or truck for the transmission area you request to have it set for (up to 328 yards max). The notification is picked up by most Android phones that have Bluetooth on and iPhones with Bluetooth on and Google Chrome installed.

      When the notification is touched, the phone opens a dedicated page with a customized, full-page ad specific to your company and complete with the message you want to be advertising. Since users are within the proximity of your front door, they are more likely to enter to see what you have to offer. THAT'S effective customer acquisition!

  • When iPon Ninja is combined with iPush Ninja, you have created one of the most incredible customer relations systems available in the industry.
    • Our iPon Ninja system does the same thing as described above; however, when your customer or prospect lands on your ad page, they also see an opportunity to join your iPush "push notifications". Although we will discuss this more in detail below, iPush allows you to send notifications to your suscriber's mobiles and/or desktops anytime you want.

      Notifications can be text content, your current running ad in iPon Ninja (when they are not in the proximity) or an image (picture of your store, a different ad that is not running in iPon Ninja, etc.)

Learn more about iPush Ninja below


Innovedia Solutions iPush System
No installation for iPon pages
No Security Certificate required because it's on our servers
No limit to the number of subscribers
No limit to the number of messages you can send (need to use good judgement though)
No app required
Push text, ads or images
Push to mobile and desktop
Standard Push Notifications
Complex installation for your website
Requires your site to have a Security Certificate
Price increases each time a subscriber threshold is reached
Typically restricted to a few messages per month
Requires an app
Typically just pushes text content
Push to mobile